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Bespoke web application for t-shirt design, printing and selling.

Creation of a responsive web application allowing charities, brands and IP owners to design, print and sell their own garments.

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Communitee came to us with an innovative idea to create an application that allows charities, brands and IP owners to design, print and sell their own t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts. We jumped at the chance to put our UX and application development skills to good use.

Working closely with the Communitee team we started with the fundamental core of what users would need to do in what is a complex application, and made the user flow of designing garments simple and easy. In a quick 4-step process you can create a design, set price and profits, create a campaign page and launch a campaign.

The application deals with everything from getting the campaign verified with Communitee staff, pushing a campaign live, purchasing garments, account management and paying campaign owners after a successful campaign.

Over the course of a year the service has:

Signed up a number of high profile users
Seen 1,110 garments sold in a single campaign
Raised £6,780 for the Jonny Wilkinson Foundation
Raised tens of thousands of pounds for good causes


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