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High-traffic mobile-friendly WordPress website, integrated e-commerce Shopify store, paid for events, SMS reminders, blog and social media campaigns with 3rd party API integration. Whew!

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The Problem

We'd previously helped CoppaFeel out of a tight spot when their previous agency let them down by not using WordPress in the right way – the old site was slow, difficult to keep updated and not mobile friendly. We fixed the problems and created a stable, mobile-friendly version of the site from which to improve.

This time round, we were given the time, budget and means by which to solve a new problem – an outdated design that didn't match the updated brand and other offline and digital marketing efforts

The Solution

Working to an increase in popularity and traffic, we took the new CoppaFeel brand requirements and designed a fully mobile-friendly website that was on brand, aligned with supporting marketing material and which allowed the growing CoppaFeel team to easily create and edit content. We replaced a tired, limited CMS implementation with modular design where pages of different styles and types could be created with ease.

Alongside a new design we implemented a host of new and updated technical features, including:

A new e-commerce store with full integration between Shopify and WordPress.
Event sign up and purchasing.
API integration with their chosen SMS provider.
Social media campaign support.
Donation engine.
Advanced form and data collection.


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