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Hard-hitting campaign leveraging social media.

A powerful message and national campaign from top breast cancer charity CoppaFeel.

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The Brief

CoppaFeel wanted to run a rather ingenious and hard-hitting campaign to get even more people checking their boobs. The idea, using the hashtag #whatnormalfeelslike, was to get people thinking differently about their boobs and ultimately checking more often.


The ambitious campaign started with hundreds of people photographing their boobs at a Boob Booth set up by CoppaFeel in London and describing their bits. These real-life images from ladies (and men) from all walks of life were then used across social media, the CoppaFeel website, universities and festivals across the country. A number of brave souls even agreed to their boobs being used in magazines, billboards and store changing rooms!

What We Did

Working closely with the CoppaFeel team and the uber talented people at Karmarama, we took a feed of the boob images and data, creating what must be the biggest collection of relatively safe-for-work boob images ever. The data was integrated into the existing WordPress website we designed and built for easy viewing and sharing.


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